Impotence FAQs
Published on: September 3, 2020

5 Major Causes of Impotence

By Jude Goudjo

1. Smoking: Cigarette smoking is hazardous to health because it contains nicotine. When you smoke, the nicotine in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to narrow, leading to blockages that can limit blood inflow into the penis, thereby causing impotence. Blood inflow into the penis is necessary to achieve an erection. Smoking is a major cause of impotence in men worldwide.

2. Excessive Alcohol Intake: Excessive alcohol intake can cause impotence because it depresses the central nervous system and creates a state of inhibition. It affects your arousal, which you need to achieve an erection. A drink or two is still okay but don’t get excessive and keep impotence at bay.

3. Stress: Stress causes a lack of interest and you may not achieve an erection. Relax to regain your self-confidence and feel happy about yourself. Set realistic goals and see your performance improve.

4. Side Effects of Drugs: Certain medications can cause impotence in men so it is advisable you consult a doctor or pharmacist to be sure that the medications you are taking do not contain substances that could trigger impotence.

5. Anxiety: In younger males, nervousness about career, achievement in life, or even causing a pregnancy, can trigger anxiety which affects sexual performance. Sometimes it could be about using condoms.

Impotence Frequently Asked Questions

By Kent Pinkerton

Impotence, or penile erectile dysfunction, in men is not as rare as one would think it is. In fact, one out of ten men around the world is affected by this condition.

It is not exclusive to old men either. Impotence is caused not just by physical factors, but mental factors as well. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on impotence to help you understand this condition more.

Q. How does one become impotent?

A. Medical research shows that there are many ways a man can be affected by erectile dysfunction or ED. ED can be caused by certain bodily disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, low blood pressure, heart problems, and abnormalities in the nervous system.

The state of one’s mental health is also a reason why a man could become impotent. Those suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety attacks are prone to ED.

Furthermore, the intake of certain medications, substance abuse, and smoking are also linked to causing ED. Also, men are more prone have ED as they age, specifically those who are between the ages of forty to seventy.

Remember, impotence is not a disease. Sexual dysfunction is usually a side effect or a symptom of some other disease. If you are experiencing ED, do not be afraid to consult your doctor.

Q. How does one get an erection?

A. Getting an erection is a complex process that involves a number of organs. These include the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, hormones, and circulatory system.

When a man becomes sexually aroused, chemicals from the brain travel to the nerve endings found in the penis controlling their blood flow. As the flow of blood in the penis continues to increase, an erection occurs.

ED happens when this process does not go accordingly.

Q. How do I treat impotence?

A. There are various ways to treat impotence like using electronic pumps, taking special medication, or having surgery. These methods have been tried and tested and are successful eighty percent of the time.

But before you decide which method you want to try, you must first consult your doctor so that he can determine the cause of your impotence. The method of treatment chosen depends on the cause of impotence.

Q. Do ED drugs have side effects?

A. Side effects such as headaches are common when taking drugs to treat impotence. Reports show that sixteen percent of erectile dysfunction drug users experience these headaches.

Meanwhile, ten percent of the users have reported experiencing dizziness and a drop in blood pressure. Seven percent of the users experience indigestion while three percent complain of nasal congestion.

Other reported side effects include mild color blindness, impaired vision, and increased light sensitivity.

A word of caution: Impotence drugs should not be taken by people with heart conditions who to take nitrates. In addition, never mix these impotence drugs with other sexually stimulating drugs. This could lead to drug overdose and could cost you your life.

Q. Are men the only victims of impotence?

No, women are also prone to impotence due to the same causes stated above. Impotence in women can be also treated by taking impotence drugs especially formulated for women.

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